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RightsPro Adds PLUS Licensing

Thursday, June 16th, 2011 by

We’re very excited about the addition of the PLUS licensing standards to, further empowering our photo buyers and sellers to easily communicate the rights granted in a license agreement.

RightsPro is a member and supporter of the PLUS Coalition — the global standards body for image licensing.  PLUS is a non-profit collaboration between all industries engaged in creating, distributing, using or preserving images.

PLUS’ familiar terms and standards are specifically designed for use in communicating image rights licenses. Simple enough for the novice user, yet still powerful enough for the image licensing expert, the PLUS standards support virtually all photo licensing models. RightsPro now fully supports not only PLUS Packs and PLUS Rights Ready licenses, but detailed custom PLUS licenses as well.

Simplified RightsPro Licensing with PLUS Packs

PLUS Packs are an easy way to offer or request convenient bundles of rights, developed collaboratively by image buyers and sellers in 30 countries.  We’ve added all of the standard and rights ready packs to the default licensing terms so you can get through the process of licensing your photos quickly while clearly communicating the rights granted. PLUS is also working on the addition of Creative Commons Packs.

Custom Licensing with the PLUS Licensing Menus

When you need to describe a license that is different or more detailed than a PLUS Pack or Rights Ready Pack, RightsPro now allows you to specify any combination of rights, creating custom licenses using the PLUS licensing menus. When you need to offer a broad rights or to specify fine-grained permissions and constraints, the PLUS licensing menus provide you with the freedom and flexibility to accurately communicate your licenses.

RightsPro, ODRL, and PLUS

We still fully support ODRL, a very powerful rights expression language, which enables RightsPro users to license all types of intellectual property across many industries.  ODRL also participates in the PLUS Coalition and is now working on an ODRL PLUS Profile allowing the expression of PLUS image rights within the ODRL language. We will be working closely with ODRL and PLUS on that profile.

Getting Started is Easy

With just a few clicks you can start licensing your work with the PLUS standards, just signup here.  We’d love to hear your feedback on RightsPro, let us know what you think.