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RightsPro Adds PLUS Licensing

Thursday, June 16th, 2011 by

We’re very excited about the addition of the PLUS licensing standards to, further empowering our photo buyers and sellers to easily communicate the rights granted in a license agreement.

RightsPro is a member and supporter of the PLUS Coalition — the global standards body for image licensing.  PLUS is a non-profit collaboration between all industries engaged in creating, distributing, using or preserving images.

PLUS’ familiar terms and standards are specifically designed for use in communicating image rights licenses. Simple enough for the novice user, yet still powerful enough for the image licensing expert, the PLUS standards support virtually all photo licensing models. RightsPro now fully supports not only PLUS Packs and PLUS Rights Ready licenses, but detailed custom PLUS licenses as well.

Simplified RightsPro Licensing with PLUS Packs

PLUS Packs are an easy way to offer or request convenient bundles of rights, developed collaboratively by image buyers and sellers in 30 countries.  We’ve added all of the standard and rights ready packs to the default licensing terms so you can get through the process of licensing your photos quickly while clearly communicating the rights granted. PLUS is also working on the addition of Creative Commons Packs.

Custom Licensing with the PLUS Licensing Menus

When you need to describe a license that is different or more detailed than a PLUS Pack or Rights Ready Pack, RightsPro now allows you to specify any combination of rights, creating custom licenses using the PLUS licensing menus. When you need to offer a broad rights or to specify fine-grained permissions and constraints, the PLUS licensing menus provide you with the freedom and flexibility to accurately communicate your licenses.

RightsPro, ODRL, and PLUS

We still fully support ODRL, a very powerful rights expression language, which enables RightsPro users to license all types of intellectual property across many industries.  ODRL also participates in the PLUS Coalition and is now working on an ODRL PLUS Profile allowing the expression of PLUS image rights within the ODRL language. We will be working closely with ODRL and PLUS on that profile.

Getting Started is Easy

With just a few clicks you can start licensing your work with the PLUS standards, just signup here.  We’d love to hear your feedback on RightsPro, let us know what you think.

New Features in RightsPro

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 by

We’ve been burning the midnight oil at RightsPro for a while now and are pleased to announce the roll out of some major new features on the site.

PLUS Licensing Standards

Along with ODRL and ‘legalese’ you can now also use the PLUS licensing standards to express the terms for a license.  RightsPro now fully supports not only PLUS Packs and PLUS Rights Ready licenses, but detailed custom PLUS licenses as well.  Read more details on PLUS in RightsPro here.

Payments via PayPal

In addition to Amazon Payments you can now receive payments via PayPal making it even easier to get through the licensing process.

Create a License From Existing Collections

We’ve made it even easier to start licensing your content from other sites like Flickr and Picasa.  Once you’ve authorized RightsPro access you’ll see your existing collections and can create a license for them with one click.

Direct Upload

The previous process for getting your content into our hosting service wasn’t exactly intuitive.  Now you can upload directly to a license in RightsPro.  You can even drag it right off of your desktop onto your browser, now that’s slick!

CMIS Plugin

Corporate users will be excited about the prospects of directly integrating RightsPro with their CMIS enabled Enterprise Content Management system so they can add rights management and clearance without moving the content.

And More…

We’ve even got a brand spankin’ new logo! Of course, we’ve added many other enhancements and fixes to simplify licensing and rights clearance for everyone and we’ll be updating this post with links to more detailed articles on how you can take advantage of each of the new features, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, you an get started by signing up here, and please don’t hesitate to give us feedback!

Content Licensing with

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 by

Art buyers, photo editors, publishers, advertisers, museums, or any other content acquirer has the unfortunate task of performing rights clearance or at least due diligence on any project they manage. can help throughout the entire process of taking a project from idea to production, from license negotiation to payment, and relicensing later on.

You’ll never again have to be uncertain about what you have, where it is, or who controls the rights. RightsPro is designed to support the research and licensing process and to document the work after the fact. It enables users to identify the rights holders for each content item, and license all uses, whether it is a digital image, a valuable collectible, a quotation, or a film clip.

Let’s take a look at some of the stages of a typical licensing workflow and how RightsPro can help.

Project Inception

When a new project comes along, everyone on the team is going to need some basic information. Don’t let your staff waste valuable time looking for answers to common questions.

RightsPro keeps contact and correspondence information organized and accessible by everyone in your group.  You can record detailed publishing specifications and the licensing budget of the project and relate staff, client, and vendor contact records.

License Negotiation

License Terms

Publishers and designers lose thousands of dollars each year by not negotiating licenses with content vendors up front, not negotiating for future relicensing of content, not being able to use content under an existing license, and not negotiating bulk discounts.

RightsPro makes it easy to include these terms in your original contract negotiations, which later will automatically calculate the appropriate discounted licensing fee.

License negotiation is made easy by our process of detailed rate and discounts entry and automated letter generation to solidify your negotiations.

You can include your own special terms, or customize your solution to generate letters to your exact specifications.

RightsPro even lets you record costs such as a source’s reproduction fee so you’ll know exactly how much a scan or screener should cost before you ask for it.

Project Design

How many times has there been miscommunication among staff about which image was meant to appear in a certain spot? How many times has a designer picked the content for the cover only to find that it was the most expensive piece they could have chosen?

RightsPro has the flexiblity to allow several levels of edits throughout the project workflow. You can even estimate the licensing cost of a layout before going to production.

Visual editors will love being able to communicate the exact image they’re talking about with thumbnail representations.

Selects can be made within a project’s lightbox, allowing designers access to record the use of those items within the project.  Project managers can see the licensing cost of a draft page, section, or the entire project before they’ve committed.

Report Uses/Payment

Usage ReportsYou’ve finalized your project and you know what content you’re going to use and where you’re going to use it. Now it’s time to pay those vendors, and you need to make sure you don’t miss any uses and that you get every last discount you negotiated.

But who wants to deal with mutli-use, bulk, relicensing, and other discounts? You could get out your calculator for a few hours and hope you’ve had enough coffee to catch every possibility, or you could let RightsPro do the work for you.

The automatically generated purchase orders reference your original contract and again show your project details so there’s no question about the context of your usage reporting. The current fees and any past payments to this source, which may now be partially credited back due to discounts, are also shown.

A report of the content used accompanies the purchase order. Every detail of the content — including source IDs, credit lines, how and where it was used within the project, when it was received, and of course, the individual licensing fees and discounts — are displayed next to a thumbnail of the content so there’s no confusion about what you’re reporting to the source.

Production/Project Completion

You’re ready to start actual production of the project but you need to confirm what uses have been paid for, how much you’ve spent, and generate things like credit line reports.

In RightPro your first look at a project record always shows you a summary for each source and the licensing or payment status for each piece of content being used.

Email Alerts

You’ll also be emailed before licenses expire so you can take down content or relicense without violating your agreement.


Have you ever thought you were done with a project only to find out it also needs to be re-run in another language, or that no one mentioned the brochure or the website that needed some of the same content as the original project?

Without a detailed licensing system, tracking down every last piece of content for relicensing can be a daunting task. It only gets worse as time goes by. After a few years it may be impossible to find all the information you need.

RightsPro gives you effortless relicensing, from estimation to final payment and includes any relicensing discounts you’ve negotiated. You no longer have to cringe when asked, “how much will it cost…?”

More Help

If you get stuck in the licensing process or have questions our professional services team is at the ready.  Our staff has been in the licensing business for over 15 years and can help resolve your rights issues.

Get Started

To learn more give us call at 888-245-1722, email info at, visit, or jump right in and sign up.